Saturday, 26 November 2011

Postscript to the battle of Futonville

Since my previous posting,  being a report of the advance guard action at Futonville, a messenger has galloped up to the gates of the Chateaux de Grandchamp bearing a copy of a letter sent from Baron Valorcine to his commander, the Duke de Deuxchevaux

In case there is any doubt, I hasten to add, as a neutral umpire I am NOT the author of this outrageous slur on General d'Ancolie, who was only doing his best under conditions of great stress!

Baron Francois de Valorcine, over confident as ever, taunts the Imperialists while directing his sole remaining unit - a light gun


  1. Absolutely *lovely* 'in character' post scriptum!

    Like your countries names - I had a '2 cv' decades ago (then a 'Dyane': so fond memories that I used the name as part of the Christian name for a past ruler of Monte-Cristo).
    'Fict' link added on my own blog.

    Best regards,

    You know pf 'EvE', but do you know that The Miniature Page now has a '18th C. ImagiNations' forum?

  2. Jean-Louis
    Thanks for your compliments, I'll pass them on to the writer of the postscript.
    Thank you for the TMP link of which I was not aware, but actually, the Duchess thinks I spend far too much time with my quill pen on-line as it is.