La Haye Sainte at 1:3 scale: Photo Gallery

Here is a selection of photos taken during, and just after, the West Country Waterloo Project refight of La Haye Sainte in 28mm at 1:3 scale in July 2015. The first selection are all photos by Kevin East and Photoshopped by him. We will probably be adding to this gallery as time allows.
The figures are from the combined collections of Kevin East of Bristol, Paul D. of Cheltenham, James Fergusson and Richard Newcombe of Aylesbury, Chris Gregg and Paul H. of Stroud, hence the varied painting styles and basing!

If you missed it you can link back to the full story of our game  here

No need for captions, please just enjoy them, and comment if you wish.


  1. Magnificent table, beautiful figures, great pictures. Congratulations and greetings from the distant Argentine Republic, Carlos

  2. Thank you very much for your comments, Carlos. I often stop by at your very informative blog too.

  3. Beautiful Chris - would love some more photos detailing the Royal Artillery spare wheel limber please mate as I have two I have been looking for inspiration to model them.

  4. Carlo. Thank you for your unflagging support, as ever. Kevin is the keeper of the RHA vignettes which are the product of Niels at Westfalia Miniatures, so I've forwarded your question to Kev and we'll see how he answers.

  5. Carlo - Kevin is willing to communicate with you directly on the RHA info if you send me your email address -

  6. Nice painting love the horses...a job well done

  7. Gorgeous game, sincerely - thank you for sharing with the world!

    1. Thank you for visiting Michael, glad you enjoyed it. My email address is in a comment above should you ever wish to communicate directly.