Monday 13 January 2020

West Country Waterloo at 1 to 3 scale Riflemen on sale on Ebay

Some readers will recall the wonderful time we had in 2015 refighting Waterloo in full and in part four times during the Summer. I have been slowly shedding myself of the figures over recent years to make room for other things but it's a painful process and one I have approached in bite-sized chunks. Here is another:
The chance to buy most of the figures we used to represent the famous defenders of La Haye Sainte, Major Baring's Second Light Battalion, King's German Legion.

Here are a few photos of them in that battle

....and if you'd like a reminder of the reports of the whole momentous 3-day wargame please check my blog post here with the full reference links

The figures in question are all Perry Miniatures, mostly the plastic 95th Riflemen but each company has metal command figures. Obviously it is a quick and easy job to repaint them as any other green jacket unit of the period.

If you are interested in the construction and painting of the whole 160 figure battalion please see this blog post

First Company has sold but I'm offering the rest in 5 "company-sized" lots of around 20-23 figures - so ideal for a Rifle battalion at about 1:25 or 1:30 scale. Here are the links to the Ebay sales:

Happy to answer any questions, of course