Kevin East 3

Kevin has provided me with the latest additions to his 28mm Waterloo armies, which are Prussian Artillery.

He had the following to say about them:
All the models are from the Perry range and represent Prussian foot and horse batteries. The great thing about this range is that the Perry's have created all the support limbers, Powder and Grenade wagons too which adds to the effect on the wargames table.

All purchasable with or without horses so you can create a small wagon park quite easily. Perry have just started manufacturing the horse limber traces to allow you to complete the rope and tack if you want to get into that much detail. I created some rope from three strands of 0.4mm copper wire and stretched them together and then spun them to the appropriate density in a drill. They were then simple to drill and glue in place after painting it as 'rope'.

I generally manage to get a gun on a base that is 60mm wide by 70mm deep and the width corresponds to the widths on all the wagons' bases. 1.5mm thick white plastic sheet for guns and 2mm thick for the wagons (added rigidity needed here for the length of stand).

The grass is flock plus I add Silflor tufts available from most model railway web suppliers. Try:  Its best to buy them in the big packs as you can soon get through them very quickly.

Much of the model painting is done utilising the Foundry 3 colour technique for getting highlights etc. So each colour has a dark, mid and light tone. The faces alone have 10 colours if the model is sporting a moustache! It took about a month of painting to get to completion, maybe painting 2-3 days a week, so it took about 8 days to paint in total perhaps 4-5 hours a day.

Now it's onto painting some more French infantry.......................some cannon fodder for those Prussian guns!!

Hope you enjoy the photos.



  1. This is a seriously impressive project Kevin.
    Well done. Keep it coming!

  2. Really tremendous work here - stunning in fact.