Thursday, 13 December 2018

West Country Quatre Bras: Brunswick Corps for sale

Remember our big refight of Quatre Bras earlier in the year? See the links back from here.

and a quick reminder

Now here is an opportunity to buy the entire Brunswick Corps at 1:20 representative scale. James Fergusson is about to become a parent and realises he has to make space and some money! So he is offering the corps of Perry metal 28mm figures as a complete sale in a blind auction.

But hurry because I've only just found out and he has a deadline of this weekend! Everything is set out in James' shared drive folders here link.   This includes full order of battle, guide price etc, and many, many photos of the entire force.  It totals 409 figures and just over 500 models when you include everything.

Here is a representative sample of photos.

So, a ready made Brunswick contingent for your refights of Quatre Bras and Waterloo, or a lovely Germanic Imagi-Nations army ready for battle.
All enquiries about the sale to James please, not me. His email is provided in the documentation available via the link.  Thank you, CG


  1. Gorgeous but beyond my means sadly. :'-(

  2. What a great pick up for someone Chris.

    1. Yes indeed Carlo. A lot of people have seen this blog so I hope James was successful in getting a good return on his labours