Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Introducing my new(ish) Art website

One of the things that kept me busy during much of the lockdown period last year was working on a new website for my art, a lot of which is military related. I was very lucky that well known wargamer Colin Ashton has a talented wife, Katherine, who is an IT teacher by profession and web designer in her "off duty" time. Colin volunteered his spouse's services as he is an ardent collector of my paintings and great supporter of everything I do.

So I submitted masses of images and plagued Katherine till the Summer when it was almost ready and then I had to learn how to  keep it updated and maintained myself. We did this by means of several Zoom video sessions, and what a wonderful teacher she proved to be, so that by Autumn I was able to start updating it and unleashed the published version on the world in late November.  Some of you may have seen mention of it on your Christmas cards from me.

I'm very pleased with it indeed as the forerunner was a shared site among  Cheltenham artists and Andy, artist friend and webmaster, admitted that it was now outdated and could not effectively be updated. That site still exists however with most of my work from the Noughties up to 2017 still to see. There is a link to all that stuff from the new website.

It has been a work in progress since Christmas (slowed down by my having to paint for an exhibition locally, now in progress and going well) and still is in minor details. But at last I think I have got almost all my existing stock of paintings for sale on there as well as very much else.

There is a Welcome page from which you can navigate to everything else either via the front pictures or a Menu at top right.

Welcome page

Screen shots of CG Art Website pages

There is an About page which has a lot about me and there is more on various Theme pages that fleshes out my artistic history and motivation and methods.

About the Artist

The main part of the site is seven Theme pages:

Drawings, Fantasy, Military, Hussarettes, Landscapes, Figures and Portraits


The commercial part is a "Works to buy" page and there is an (irritating?!) animated button on each page with a quick link to it - go on - you know you want to! Currently there are over 30 paintings there for sale of nearly all the genres I cover.

Works to Buy

There is a page just for new work, so I can show off the latest commissions too.

New Work

And just for fun, some of my favourites merely to look at - called the Gallery page. Here, as throughout the site, you can click on the images to enlarge the view and click on Information buttons to find out more about the painting, sometimes with staged demos of how I composed and painted them.

Michelle of Mortier's Guides
Acrylic on canvas 10 x 8"
Ian Allen collection


Finally, I hope, if you have enjoyed a look around the site and want to contact me about anything (maybe commenting on paintings, enquiring about a commission or wanting more info before buying) then please use the "Contact" page at the end. That should go directly through to my usual email as if non-contacts try to email me direct it has been known to go to my Spam folder.

As an incentive I'm offering free UK postage (or equivalent value discount for overseas buyers) until Easter as an introductory offer if you use the Contact page. So now is as good a time as any to buy if you see something you like. And if you'd like to commission something special, such as an Imagi-nations military subject or a favourite battle story, a military lady or even a Fantasy or Sci-Fi subject, then I have experience in them all and we can have fun working on it together.

Thanks for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you.

(aka Sir Joshua Gregg RA)

Saxon Rudnicki Uhlanen 1757
Acrylic on canvas 15" x 8"
Colin Ashton collection


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    1. Thanks very much Robbie, glad you like it.

  2. Well done Chris. Hope this takes off since it is thoroughly deserved.

    1. That's very kind of you to say Paul, thanks a lot

  3. Looks like I can comment again - I had a good look a few days ago Chris and am very impressed - I love the military art in particular

    1. Great to hear from you Kerry. We could decorate your lovely wargames room with some original art - a 2D rendition of one or more of your favourite Napoleonic commanders could be good! :-) Quite a lot of my paintings are in Australia but I don't know that I have any in NZ yet......