Friday, 20 April 2018

West Country Quatre Bras: A look at the pre-game deployment 1745 hours 16th June 1815

Further to my post on the tabletop terrain yesterday QB2 Terrain ready this one is just for the sheer pleasure of indulging in our wonderful hobby and the ability to bring some of that pleasure beyond my four walls. Kevin and I spent some very enjoyable hours today setting up the starting positions much as things finished last September but on a new "stretched" terrain. So a very enticing gap has presented itself to the French on the Western approach to Quatre Bras and we shall see what emerges tomorrow.

So just the photos unedited, as I still have lots to do to prepare. Most of the figures are Perry's from Kevin's and James' collections, with a few of mine. Tony's and Richard's will arrive tomorrow so there are one or two gaps in this line up.

However in prospect is the arrival over the weekend of hundreds more infantry and cavalry as reserves, some are historically accurate and others of the "historically available so what if.......?" variety.

Hope you enjoy the photos - proper AAR next week hopefully.


  1. Fantastic set-up and some beaut photos. Looks like it will be another superb game Chris.

    Love the biccies for scale!

  2. Looking absolutely fantastic Chris!

  3. Thanks chaps! The biccies were there at the end of our setup efforts and I just thought, hey! they are part of that atmosphere, what a good way to start the sequence. The scale reference was entirely unintended!

  4. Beautiful looking game - sadly no chocolate biscuits !

  5. Oh bravo!
    I especially like the shot of officers and bay horse. Very nice indeed.

  6. This looks as superb as ever Chris
    I'm pleased to see that you've gone for strict historical accuracy with no Bourbons being present on the plate in picture 1 !

  7. Thanks Kerry. Accuracy? - Kevin even had a an 1815-relevant event card that outed one of the French commanders as a closet Royalist- and it got played! As for biscuits our Ney is more of a fig roll man :-)

  8. Bloody Fabulous Chris

    French Wargame Holidays

    1. Thank you Matt. Visiting your comment brought back some wonderful memories of this game