Friday, 12 May 2017

Battle for Hoeke Valley - the eve of battle

Getting a bit wistful.....Kevin has been here most of the day.....a busy bee preparing a weekend of Napoleonic wargaming entertainment in 28mm (mostly Perry Miniatures) with 1:20 scale units.  It's been a day of heavy showers in the Cotswolds but now the evening sun is casting long shadows across the wargames table.  I don't like that during a game as it gives a very false impression...but thanks to the great comments I had on the previous, introductory post I can't deny our followers the same pleasure as I am getting.

So I hope you enjoy this little tour round the deploying units, which are not yet all here. More will come tomorrow and their places are reserved on the table top with Wargamer ADC bases, and in the open plan assembly area above us, where we've put up extra tables for the purpose.

And not forgetting the man himself, looking very pleased, as well he might presiding over such a fine collection.

Hopefully many more photos and game report(s) next week.


  1. Looking pretty good so far!

  2. Tremendous. My anticipation is building!

  3. The sun setting, in 28mm, on the French Empire?

    Best Regards,


    1. Since I shall have a small part to play on the French side, I hope not!

  4. Spectacular pictures, what a pleasure to look at this splendid battlefield!

  5. Thank you all. It turned out a splendid weekend producing 270 photos on my camera , most of which are worth showing, so telling the story of such a varied battle will be quite a challenge.

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  7. Just popped back on the blog after a business trip Chris and cannot wait to see the battle photos mate. That first photo on this entry with the sun hitting the table looks sensational. Great looking field of battle and figures should make this a must visit in the next few days.

  8. Thanks for your faith Carlo, I'm busy working on a Day One report when real life does not intervene too much.

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