Sunday, 26 February 2017

Sign up for an Email alert (and next game news)

In my previous post about the 28th-foot-for-quatre-bras I also mentioned a problem I've noticed about the lack of updating of alerts in other wargamers' blogs, who have kindly added "Not just old school wargaming" to their favourites list.

I've probably been missing a trick all these years but only just found out I could add a gadget to my side bar to enable interested readers to sign up to email alerts.  So now it is there ("Follow by Email") and has been tested and so I urge any of you who want to be regular readers to sign up and that way you won't have to rely on links from other blogs, nor checking back to see if I'm still here!

Rather to my surprise, and slight disappointment, but just to reassure anyone concerned I don't actually get to see who has signed up, nor get your email address, so please be sure to comment or email me if you want me to know or have something to say.


And I don't like posting without putting at least one picture in, so here are a few of the next game table set up. This is in a couple of weeks time and will be an 1815 fictitious defence of some hills and bridges by a Dutch Belgian force, expecting reinforcements against a slighter larger French army. It will be a final small scale test of Rank and File rules with our amendments for Quatre Bras and then we have a two day test game scheduled in May to try out a multiplayer scenario.  The main event will be over a weekend in September.

If you think this looks similar to our Spittelwitz  game then you are right. Although the hills, river, bridges and roads remain we have juggled with the woods, buildings and camp, and added some fields. It will be a very different game as the French are attacking from the left hand side and the DBs defending the hill line and village, which is now being called Kaaskerke.

Sign up to be sure not to miss the report, and photos of Kevin's lovely 28mm Napoleonic figures :-)

PS. I think I have just fixed the alert problem mentioned at the start!


  1. Your blog does at least now appear in my updates as well. Nice looking table Chris.

  2. ...and mine as well Chris. Always a fond visit for me when something new gets posted on your excellent blog!

  3. Thanks Paul and Carlo, I always appreciate the support and kind words I get from you both. Feedburner tells me I have to watch the size of my blog posts and how I instruct it to be shared - took 5 years of blogging to hit that problem!! Paul, dare I say it's so good you've now got me twice in your list :-) You may care to delete one.