Sunday 24 May 2015

Waterloo Project: More on the Test Game

I'm long overdue in posting photos on the second day of our Third-rules-test-game, but have a look at the link if you want a reminder of where we got to in February. The second day of that test game was on 1st March and since the week following that game it's been non-stop for me working on various aspects of the four Waterloo weekends we have to look forward to here in The Cotswolds. More on that in later posts, but for now, a daunting task.
The main reason for the delay in blogging this was just the sheer quantity of nice photos, both mine and Kevin's, so I'll have to break them up into manageable chunks and let the captions be brief. I'll assume you've read the earlier posts and just a  reminder of key points for new comers:
- We are refighting segments of the Waterloo battlefield at La Haye Sainte in July and Hougoumont in September.
- Both are at 1:3 scale on the ground and in figure:man ratio.
- We are testing special rules written for those days called "With MacDonnell and Baring 1815"
- The terrains will be built specially; this test is just "generic" with a rough and ready terrain cloth over wood, cardboard and paper.
- 28mm figures from various collections, mostly compatible!

Here we go
Allied commanders James and Richard share out the initiative chits
French Commander Kevin seems happy with his renewed attacking deployment
The French Cuirassiers in the front line had been reinforced by two
squadrons of Dragoons

Kevin has brought forward his horse artillery battery from their rear position "on the shelf"
with the intention of playing close range fire on any Allies that refuse to give way to his cavalry
Here they are deploying; limbers and teams still in the act of getting clear
Please note Kevin's beautiful vignettes of Horse Artillery horse holders.
In front of the artillery French skirmishers and Lancers are threatening the
Luneburg battalion. Cuirassiers are advancing up the ridge on the right of the photo
In the distance the farm is on fire and under close attack by infantry
A close up of those French Lancers
On the right the small KGL Light square struggles against Cuirassiers while Allied
cavalry come up in support
The single company of 2nd Bn KGL Light Infantry had collapsed under pressure from the Cuirassiers
but took their leave quickly under cover of 2nd Squadron KGL Hussars coming to the rescue .
The two company square of the same battalion is holding its own on the ridge
That KGL rifle company can be seen rallying in the shelter of the ridge
while 3rd squadron KGL Hussars gets ready to advance
On the French right flank, changes from the earlier part of the game.
The French light battalion left the field to be replaced by another one and also a line battalion.
Skirmishers from both are pressing the KGL Light Battalion skirmishers.
On the ridge an RHA Rocket section has deployed and the 5th Line Battalion KGL
is beginning to arrive in company column  
Two views of the 5th KGL Line Battalion.
Apart from the Rocket there is also a Howitzer section left from the
 RHA Battery that featured in the first day's test
A better look at the newly arrived French Light battalion
That's all I have time for at the moment, so I'll get it published rather than delay and make too long a post. Hopefully more tomorrow.


  1. Just the Horse Battery is a player operation in and of itself!

    Your game day may have enough for dozens of players.

  2. Murdock, thanks for your constant support. I hope I haven't raised your expectations too high. Due to space and other limitations the game will involve two umpires and only a handful of players over three days. We don't like players hanging about with little to do so everyone will be gainfully employed most of the time. That would not be the case with dozens of players.
    I'm currently polling the players on your short video idea. So far two are in favour and none against. Our media expert, Kevin, is considering the possibilities.

    1. Excellent Chris, even if its just a 20-30 clip from the start, middle and end would be awesome to show the massive scale of the efforts.

      Games spread over 3 days! WOW. I'm lucky if I can convince two of them to come out for a 4-6 hour session.

      Two umpires, automatically suggests at least 8 players (that makes a total of 10 and close enough to a dozen to count as one to me), spread over 3 days, that is 30 player days! Sounds like two dozen or more players to me.

      Just your cover photo is an inspiring image, I continue to anticipate more such great images from the actual battle games where the vignettes get to have the excellent background of the hundreds of other miniatures as they take a moment in the focus of the camera lens.

  3. Wow!
    The posts of all of the units have been great, but seeing them on the table is outstanding. Well done you fellas!

  4. Looking sensational Chris

  5. Thanks guys - the second part is now published

  6. Fantastic layout and troops.

    Congratulations to All.


  7. Looking superb, still get the tingly moment when I see French lancers :)

  8. Thanks John and Graham for taking the time to visit and comment, hope your Partizan weekend is great.

  9. Absolutely amazing layout and troops.

  10. Wonderful pictures, accompanied by a great report. I love to look several times on this pictures. Bravo!