Monday 25 May 2015

Waterloo Project: More on the test game, Part Two

To follow up waterloo-project-more-on-test-game.

Here is the view of those French line lancers as seen from the Luneburg battalion
Not surprisingly, Luneburg formed a square while they still had time
At which the Lancers moved to phase two of the plan and manoeuvred to their
right to support the Cuirassiers......
.....which unmasked the Horse Artillery battery who opened fire.
This photo shows the round shot method with first graze and bounce through
templates hitting the front face and colour party.
The status marker already shows "shaken" from previous losses
1st squadron 4th Cuirassier regiment has now concentrated on the next square of
KGL riflemen while 2nd Squadron takes the heat off provided by the oncoming
KGL Hussars.
Two squadrons of Dragoons are backing up the Cuirassiers
And here is a wider view of the French attack
But more KGL Hussars join the fray...... close-up; and I suspect those Lancers think they have spotted an opening
However it's likely to be filled by 3rd Squadron KGL Hussars, and a squadron
of Royal Scots Greys has just made an appearance behind them
Allied left flank: View from 5th Regiment KGL Line Infantry down into the valley
....where the French are making progress towards the stream
Back at the main gates of the farm the French have penetrated on both sides but
men of the 95th struggle to keep the gates closed
French Voltigeurs are also seeking to stretch the defenders at the side and find
a way over the unguarded wall.....
........which about 6 of them did but were confronted by a platoon of Luneburg Riflemen
 and were annihilated, causing the remainder of the company to break
The engineers break through!  But who is that trying to stop them? It's that ghastly
figure of Sharpe with the big cavalry sword!
By the next photo he and his mates had been swept aside and the French
onslaught continued...coming in from the left flank too.
.....where more of the 95th had a rough firing line based on wagons and farm impedimenta
Above and below: Two more views showing the apparently unstoppable
 French infantry.  But help is at hand......that's the Grenadier  Company of British
27th Foot in the courtyard

Didn't want to interrupt the narrative with this but have to show you, slightly earlier,
James Fergusson's superb battalion of the 27th  Foot approaching the rear gate of the farm
I'll finish off this set with a rather nice shot of Paul and Kevin, French commanders, sharing out their initiative tokens. Richard watches with his usual sang-froid

More tomorrow, family permitting.


  1. Truly an amazing setup Chris. This project has been a joy to watch as it unfolds.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Conrad, much appreciated that you have followed it from the beginning

  3. What an awesome sight Chris!

  4. Looks pretty dammned good Chris- unit sizes superb. I can see I'm going to have to read this one up ...

  5. Thanks Andy. I know you are a man who says it like it is so that's a big compliment. I hope you will find the time in your busy life to look back at some of the posts. We have delved as deeply as possible into the history but at the end of the day have to make a playable wargame out of it.

  6. lovely terrain along with gorgeous painted miniatures, your photos of your units truly look marvelous!

  7. Damn Sharpe ... look like he was swept away quickly enough.

  8. Murdock. Yes, I think it was just that his company had reached a critical point on strength lost and then failed the morale test. Unlike on TV he had to go too.:-)

  9. Absolutely wonderful Chris- still amazed by the scale and really looking forward to seeing your custom terrain!