Wednesday, 18 May 2016

LHS Photo Gallery now in "Pages"

It's taken a long time but Kevin and I have decided to preserve a photographic record in one place of our West Country Waterloo madness refighting the action round La Haye Sainte at 1:3 scale. I've made a special page - see the sidebar at right or a link here.
This isn't comprehensive it's merely a selection of good photographs which lent themselves to Photoshopping. I will be adding to them bit by bit as I delve into the archives or we fiddle about with some more. Regular readers will be familiar with a lot of these but many have never been published before. You'll know that they represent something visually rarely seen in wargaming, as distinct from static models, so if you are tempted to share them anywhere PLEASE give credit to this blog, we've put an awful lot of money and time in our lives to bring this to fruition.

Readers have been incredibly generous in their praise for this project so if you've commented often already don't feel you have to do so again, but, as always, it's nice to feel appreciated.
Here are a few samples


  1. Bloody effing fantastic Chris!

  2. And bloody effing great to have your comment Colin!

  3. Stunning! Thank you for sharing this wonderful project.

  4. Thanks John. Nice to see your break from AMG Forum doesn't stop you looking in here.

  5. You know how much I have enjoyed this project Chris. Will be visiting regularly as always mate! Sensational.

  6. Roger and Carlo. Always wonderful to have the magic of technology bring you guys from down under to my blog, thank you.