Wednesday 15 July 2015

Waterloo Project: Starting line-up for La Haye Sainte at 1:3 scale

Well it's finally here! Two years of madness to be consumated next weekend and here are some photos of the battlefield we will be using with troops in the opening positions as at about 1.30pm on 18th June 1815. No time to explain more as there are still too many preparations to be done and I'll assume readers have been following what we are up to.  So, many photos with minimum descriptions.
View from the NE corner. At left is the "extra bit" which is separate and will be placed on
the side table to enable players access to all parts of the playing area.
Overall view from North of the Elm tree crossroads
View from the NW corner behind KGL line infantry and the advancing Luneburg battalion
Looking Northwards up the table towards Mont St Jean ridge
The front line: skirmishers from 54e and 55e Regiments de Ligne close in on
La Haye Sainte orchard. On a specially built shelf on the window cill are
three batteries forming part of the Grand Battery. Our rules allow "off-field "
artillery fire as they are 300 metres (100 inches) away.
Looking along the three French batteries
Rogers' Royal Foot Artillery battery looks down the extra bit
And in close up - one of Kevin's famous artillery vignettes in the foreground
Part of Ross' Royal Horse Artillery battery by Wellington's elm

Above and below: two views of the division of Ross' battery by the abattis
on the main chausee

 Luneburg battalion, with skirmishers forward and the rest in company
column begins it's advance down the slope from the sunken road
Luneburg's view of the forward skirmish line and French skirmishers beyond
2nd Light Battalion KGL is garrisoning La Haye Sainte, with its barricade outside
 the main gate, and (below) the orchard 

1st Battalion 95th Rifles in the sunken road on MSJ crest.........
......and around the sand pit
The 32nd Regiment of Foot in two wings shelters on the reverse slope,
with light company lining the hedge
The Duke of Wellington and Earl of Uxbridge await the French onslaught

More photos of the actual game after the weekend, and, if there is any interest I'm happy  to do a posting on how I made the terrain.


  1. Yes, yes and yes thanks Chris.

    I have been looking forward to this game for sometime mate.


  2. All looks awesome,well done

  3. This really is something very special ... Brilliant!

  4. Looking forward to the report of the game Chris. All the best to all involved, I'm sure that it will be an absolute hoot and a fine visual feast!

  5. Thanks to all for your comments. James, not sure about it being a hoot but it was indeed a very different and memorable game with what I hope followers will find quite special visual appeal. I alone took about 400 photos and many snippets of video and it will take a while to process them. I took notes on developments over 14 moves which took us to 4.45pm Waterloo time so there will be a lot to write about too. Hopefully not too long till the first report.

  6. I'd love to hear about how you went about making your terrain - it looks terrific!!

  7. Magnificent.

    The shot of the rifles in the woods line is just awe inspiring.