Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Waterloo Project: A Collective of Colonels

My ignorance was rather profound when I foolishly volunteered to organise our La Haye Sainte 1:3 scale refight. I thought there would be lots of redcoats but when I looked into it I realised that I would need to recreate four battalions all in "rifle green". It's about 650 figures. I've got three out of four so far but I had not much idea how to source their commanding officers - ideally mounted officers in hussar garb but with bicorne hats.  When I started to look at the Perry plastic British Hussar models for my KGL Hussars I realised I had the core of what I needed.

Here is what I came up with
Left to right: Major Baring commander of the 2nd Light Battalion Kings German Legion; Lt Colonel Sir Andrew Barnard of 1st Battalion 95th Rifles, and Lt Col Bussche of 1st Light Battalion KGL. The missing one is the Lt Colonel of the Luneburg battalion, already reported on here

I had bought a batch of "spare" metal horses on Ebay and found three that looked OK, then selected three different arm positions from the Hussar box to fit the torsos. Baring's bicorne is from the Victrix Napoleonic Austrian Grenadiers set and the other two are Victrix Napoleonic French in canvas covers.

The 95th Rifles commander gallops up to give some orders 
The two KGL commanders with a group from 2nd Light Battalion
I had to put officers sashes round the waists of the Hussar torsos and so I painted on acrylic structure gel, which dried to a nice effect. Then it was just the usual paint job.  Now fingers crossed that I'll find the time to make the missing 170 of 1st Light Bn KGL before our July game.


  1. Great looking officiers...and good luck for your project!

  2. Agreed! One can never have too many mounted officers.

    Best Regards,