Thursday, 31 July 2014

Windmill Models

Some readers may know I make models to order. Recently I got into a discussion on the "A Military Gentleman" Forum concerning windmill models and showed some of my previously sold models. I was fortunate to get a commission from a Forum member and made a small batch, all very different, of which I have one remaining.
It's quite large and is typical of the style common in Belgium, Netherlands and North/Central Europe. Ideal for any 25mm - 30mm scale wargames set in that region from 17th Century up to mid 20th. Here are some some photos, using some of Kevin East's fabulously painted Napoleonic figures to set it off.

Now offered at a bargain starting price on Ebay here
Windmill on Ebay
But hurry - it finishes morning of 3rd August..
And if you want to see more photos and details of the other two recent windmills (now sold) please have a look at my Download sidebar "Windmill models" or the links here
Dilapidated Post Mill
Stone Tower Windmill
Post Mill with separate staircase and high gable
 You can contact me by email  Chris Gregg ........or comment on this blog if you wish.


  1. That is a fantastic model!
    Well done!

  2. April 2015. Just revisited this post and thought it worth mentioning that this windmill is still available for sale. Email me at if interested.