Thursday 29 May 2014

Waterloo Project: Now a French Brigade - 510 Figures

Kevin East continues to turn out superbly painted figures at an astonishing rate. For those not familiar with our mad aims please see this link to the previous part waterloo-project-treble-top-180 and all the others with the Label "Waterloo".

He has now produced two line battalions as well as the light infantry battalion featured earlier. Here is a photo of the whole lot.

And here are Kevin's own words

"Here, hot off the painting blocks are a few details of the latest French battalion along with the other two already completed at 1:3 ratio.  This would represent a standard three battalion regiment in the field if they were all the same type, or a two battalion regiment and an attached light battalion making a brigade. In this case a total of 510 figures.
Here are three photos of the latest battalion in process

This one includes quite a lot in greatcoats but
 Kevin is mixing them in with those in jackets.
 "According to the painting spreadsheet we have for our games, which commence in June 2015, I have just one further 150 French battalion to complete my total of ‘Frenchies’. I am part way there already and should have those ready in a further 6 weeks or so. Of course, I am then onto the 250 Nassau infantry and British guards which should keep me busy for at least 4-5 months! 
The latest battalion on its own.
Followed by some amazing views of  "le tout ensemble"

"I have the joy of painting Napoleon’s carriage (which I have from Warlord Games) as a reward for completing all my painting for the games.

Hope you like the photos. Happy viewing!
All the best, Kevin"

Well I certainly have Kevin. 
And here are more showing his detailed and artistic approach

I have to do a Light Battalion myself and I think Paul has enough to lend three more French battalions to the 1:3 cause. All of us (6 participants) are making up battalions and squadrons for the Allies too, more of which later.

Meanwhile....this time next week Kevin and I will be on a two day guided tour of the Waterloo campaign battlefields so I hope I'll come back with something suitably inspiring to report.


  1. Absolutely wonderful! Much like any one of the scenes in the DIno De Laurentis' movie Waterloo.

    Best Regards,


  2. Thanks Stokes. Funny you should say that as Kev told me this ambition started when he saw that movie, aged about 10!

  3. Napoleonics in 28mm at 1:3? Madness but cool!

  4. Most impressive!! The mass effect is awesome, and details nice!

  5. Far out! Those battalion columns look very impressive en masse.

  6. Simply fantastic - well done!

  7. Thanks to you all who have commented so far. We begin to start play testing the rules next month.

  8. Great work again Kevin,look awesome when put together.
    All the best mark

  9. Truly looking forward to seeing the 'grand overview' AND 'up close and personal' of your planned games in 2015.

  10. Wow.

    This is actually incredible, and like I have said to Kevin in a private e-mail, this is inspirational stuff.

    Brilliant work