Tuesday 31 December 2013

Royal Mail restrictions on small pots of paint

Some readers may have read the article in the latest "Miniature Warfare" pointing out a new, but little-known, restriction by Royal Mail whereby they will destroy consignments of water based paints if they exceed 4 x 140ml pots.

I don't often buy paint by post for my figures, using mainly Citadel paints from the local Games Workshop. But my location will change soon and I will become more dependant on the postal system for my model paints and my artist paints. While the model paints are in small pots of 20ml many of my artist tubes and plastic bottles are various sizes up to 250ml. So I find this a worrying development and wonder where it will go next if we just roll over and accept it.

A petition is available for you to sign if you agree that this is regulation going too far.  You can find out more information here.



Acrylic paints in 250ml pots (more on the log buildings in a future post)


  1. Chris

    Have the Royal Mail given any justification or reasoning for this decision, or is it simply because they can?


  2. James, according to the article in MW, which is pretty thorough, RM want to reduce the risk to other mail users, presumably of paint spilling and damaging their mail. However, there was no justification of the amount, nor explanation why they would allow transit of a litre glass bottle of whisky but not small bottles of paint!