Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Spookily deserted!

Yes, I know I've missed Halloween ,but these photos were taken on 31st October.....

I finished my second batch of terrain tiles last week and have got them set up for our 1760 Imagi-Nation game this coming Sunday. This is the Vallee de la Chambreuse, and the town of Futonville and the Ferme Le Duvet have been deserted by their inhabitants who have heard that the vanguards of two armies are approaching to do battle for the three crossings over their insignificant, but steep sided stream, La Chambreuse. It will be crowded enough for the game when nearly 800 figures representing Savoy and Reikland will gradually arrive move by move guided by 6 wargamers. This is my version of Terry Preen's interesting "Three Crossings" scenario as seen in Issue 22 of the late "Greatfield Galloper".  Thanks for the idea Terry.

Some very nice buildings by Grand Manner from their American range. The Church is some sort of resin I got from a Bring and Buy for three quid - in a much more dilapidated condition.  The farm is Perry's plastic American clapboard house. Fields by "Astraturf"! Everything else is home made - the trees are mostly "Supertrees", the basic trunks and branches were imported from the USA a few years ago.  But see my next post for more terrain.......

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  1. A well set stage - will the players be as good?